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#1 What is art-based facilitation?

I am a contemporary artist and I work with art-based faciliation and the body.


exactly. that's why this blog post. And many more to follow in the coming months... but for now, let's get down to basics.

Sherrie Levine, Fountain (After Marcel Duchamp), 1991

What is contemporary?

At the beginning of the 20th century, an artist named Duchamp turns a standard men's urinal upside down. This reveals a completely new perspective to him. The water bubbles upward. He calls it a "fountain" and defines it as a work of art without any further alteration. Of course, this radical act was not well received at first! The fountain is characterized neither by stylistic skill nor does it have a painterly signature. But it paved the way for a turning point in art.

Contemporary art is no longer about depicting or imitating something. It is about contemplating and engaging with real life.

Real life opens up an infinite supply of material for contemporary art - every thing, every action, every everyday situation becomes artistic material. Art no longer emerges from ability but from doing. The body becomes more and more central as a place of experience and organ of action.

But what is art-based facilitation?

Objects, methods and techniques from artistic work are used to facilitate learning and change.

Art-based methods and activities are suitable for people and organizations from both art-related and non-art-related fields. You don't have to know how to paint or dance to do this. The result is not a work of art, but an engagement with the topic at hand. It could be about sustainable work, visions for the future or restructuring. In change processes, for example, we give impulses for the underlying cultural change and make it tangible.

And what does this have to do with the body?

We are used to separating physical and mental activities. But thinking and feeling is not possible without the body! When we finally go jogging or do yoga, our head usually commands the body what to do, when and how. As a dance maker, the body, movement and space is my medium. And I suggest something different:

Thinking changes when we give space to the body. The intelligence of the thinking, feeling body is usable and visible.

So let us all be the choreographers of our communal life!

Ok - now you got to know the most important pillars of my work. In the next six articles I will talk about concrete applications of art-based facilitation. Until then I am happy to receive your comments, feedbacks, suggestions.

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Moti Asnani
Moti Asnani
03 may 2021

very good introduction. I keep thumbs up for you! Moti

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