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Our vision

In today's working world, we mostly use our bodies merely to transport our heads to the next meeting or somewhere. The common methods for creative processes and changes get stuck in the head.  

We believe that a new world can only arise  when the head is connected to the body. We bring art and movement back to people. We bring irritation, poetry, new perspectives to people. We show entrepreneurs, education experts and  Leaders on how they can use the tools of the art and performance world for their work. 

Our team

Sunita Asnani

art-based facilitator


Chris Lechner

art-based facilitator

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Myrielle Hitz

Association President

Our association

purpose  ​

  1. bend-it promotes unusual art and education as well as social innovation. 

  2. bend-it recognizes society as a learning area and wants to stimulate creativity, awareness and reflection. 

  3. bend-it is non-profit oriented. It is not for commercial purposes or for profit. The organs of the association work on a voluntary basis.

  4. bend-it leads, initiates and supports projects that correspond to the purpose of the association.  



following means  serve to achieve the purpose of the association:

  • interdisciplinary networking of art, culture, science and business

  • creative activities and communication through the means of art and education

  • educational activities, seminars, workshops

  • intercultural activities and exchanges 

  • art events and performance work

  • mediation of new approaches to music, theater, dance, body and movement

  • experiments of form and content to create new perspectives on art and education

  • innovative projects for personal, social and professional development

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